Board of Directors and Charter Members

The leadership of the Public Health Coalition is committed to supporting and connecting the service projects of health professions students, volunteers, and workers nationwide.

Vinh Le – Chair of the Board

Lauren Okamoto – Vice Chair of the Board

Lucy Merriam – Executive Director

Cyrus Thomas-Walker, Secretary & Director of Strategy and PR

Naomi Koliba – Chief Financial Officer

Niv Badrinarayanan – Director of the MSCAN Video Initiative

Andrew DesLauriers – Director of the MSCAN Video Initiative

Kisha Kalra – Director of the MSCAN Video Initiative

Sam Aldous – Director of Research and Development

Micaila Baroffio – Director of Fundraising

Lud Eyasu – Chief Networking Officer

Isaac Adams – Director of Legal Affairs

Charlotte Gemes – Public Relations Executive

Alexa Rosenthall – Public Relations Executive

Alex Jenkins – Public Relations Executive

Agatha Forstein – Charter Member

Amberly Lao – Charter Member

Ashta Narain – Charter Member

Brittany Gilmore – Charter Member

Caitlin Dowling – Charter Member

Jessica Lyon – Charter Member

Josef Heller – Charter Member

Kyle Kellett – Charter Member

Nikkole Turgeon – Charter Member

Priya Raju – Charter Member

Ray Mak – Charter Member

Samantha Schuetz – Charter Member

Sydney Chatfield – Charter Member

Willie Dong – Charter Member