Our Project


The Medical Student COVID-19 Action Network has connected students from across America organizing COVID-19 service projects.

Our Mission

Public Health Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by medical students to connect healthcare students across the nation. This alliance enables collectively stronger joint responses to pandemics, epidemics, health crises, and humanitarian challenges. It also helps students see the bigger picture, exchange ideas, combine resources, support workers on the front lines, and make a difference.

Our first project, the Medical Student COVID-19 Action Network (MSCAN), is organized by medical students at The University of Vermont and other schools. MSCAN presents a unified visual database of COVID-19 service opportunities started by U.S. medical schools. To date, the project includes over 550 unique service opportunities organized by 115+ schools in 42 states (plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico). The team is currently releasing educational videos on COVID-19 and collaborating with the Larner College of Medicine, the UVM Medical Center, While at Home, the Harvard Medical School COVID-19 Student Response Task Force, and MN CovidSitters.